A Note from Our Director

It’s a matter of perspective. As we grow through the current climate amidst the global pandemic, we are faced with challenges in maintaining certifications, keeping up with current methods, maintaining market relevance, and staying connected with others in the profession. The way we have done business in the past, the way we have helped our patients, the way we have interacted with one another is no longer an option and we are forced to change our perspective.

We must find a way to adapt to these new circumstances as the number of people needing help grows by the minute!

Come join us for our next two virtual events where we delve into trials and triumphs in behavioral healthcare. Both events will feature opportunities for continuing education credits, virtual exhibit halls, sponsorship avenues, speaker interaction with Q&A, and networking breakouts to connect with other attendees.

Our first event, “Perspectives: A Time for Change,” is the next evolution of national conferences brought to you by the cofounders and producers of “Moments of Change.” We highlight speakers from across the globe as they address the “Change” we are all experiencing and so desperately need. Explore new trends and modalities as we collaborate in this virtual environment to bring a new perspective to our field.

Our spring event, “Perspectives in Recovery,” focuses on the ways we provide care for our clients/patients as they enter into the world of recovery and progress to long-term remission. Join industry leaders as we discuss various ways we provide care through a continuum and address the impact COVID-19 has had on our businesses. You will be challenged to see recovery from different perspectives.

This is a time for change! We invite you to come share a fresh experience with us, look through a new lens, and offer a different perspective as we charge into this new decade!

Glenn Hadley


(985) 502-2849
[email protected]