Hanna LeBaron, LCSW, EMDR Certified

LCSW, EMDR Certified

Hanna LeBaron has worked in the substance abuse treatment field for over twenty years. She has watched the evolution and development of the substance abuse treatment field while working in various positions. Ms LeBaron fell in love with the field in 2000 and never left, only moved in positions as she gained more education and experience. Ms LeBaron received her MSW in 2013 and has been in leadership positions since. Ms LeBaron is certified in EMDR, trained somatic experiencing, DBT, CBT, MI, and various trauma treatment approaches. Ms LeBaron has integrated Native American spirituality and Toltec teachings into trauma treatment successfully for the release of traumatic energy and for narrative therapy. Ms LeBaron is passionate about trauma-informed and competent treatment. She is working on creating a safe place for healing - not only for the people using the services but also for the individuals working in the field. Ms LeBaron believes that individuals heal in a community that is aware of trauma and how it affects individuals. Currently, Hanna LeBaron works as a clinical director in Maple Mountain Recovery which is a dual-diagnosis facility that is specialized for trauma healing.

Hanna LeBaron is a single mother who loves working out with her children, especially boxing. She loves to travel and learn about new cultures. Ms LeBaron is always interested in learning about new approaches to help her clientele and staff. Ms LeBaron believes in learning from mistakes and growing from hard experiences. She believes in a lifelong learning and self-improvement for substance abuse treatment field professionals as we use ourselves in helping others. Ms LeBaron believes that healed people heal people.
2:00pm – 3:30pm EDT

Monday October 26th

What Actually Works in Treatment

1.5 CE Credit

Hanna LeBaron has worked in the substance abuse treatment field for over twenty years. Currently, she is leading the clinical work at Maple Mountain Recovery, a dual-diagnosis treatment center that was turned into a trauma-informed facility in 2015. Ms. LeBaron will share her knowledge and experience with you in a fun and entertaining way that will not bore you. You will leave the session with new ideas and energy that will help you in your work with your clients. Ms. LeBaron will discuss evidence-based effective treatment methods and what has worked in her facility for clients suffering from complex trauma and dual diagnosis. She discusses how staff and providers can effectively and safely use their story and relationship-based approach in residential treatment centers without boundary violations. Ms. LeBaron will share ups and downs from the field as a learning experience for everyone.