Cade C. Saurage

Cade C. Saurage - UM / Strategies & Partnership

Cade Saurage is Director of Utilization Management and Partnerships for La Hacienda Treatment Center and has worked in managed healthcare for over 17 years. Years back, Cade joined the NAATP faculty to bring multiple unique perspectives of MCO partnering and strategy in behavioral health. He previously served as Corporate Director of UM for the largest behavioral health company in the nation. After his degree in Mass Communications: (m) Political Science and Government, he worked abroad at Universidad La Intensa, Costa Rica. He has one publication 7 Steps to Successful UR. Currently, he supervises UR strategy and partnerships with national organizations and managed care affiliates while consulting on specialty contracts and agreements among Providers and Payors.

8:30am – 10:00am EDT

Wednesday October 28th

Opening Plenary - Payor Partnerships of Tomorrow

1.5 CE Credit

Over the last 10 years we have seen dramatic change in reimbursement models in behavorial healthcare. This panel discussion will explore these changes and lay the groundwork for future collaboration between payor and provider. Join us as we delve into payor expectations, contractual relations, new reimbursement models, and alternative payment methods.