Dr. Louise Stanger, LCSW, CDWF, CSAT-1, CIP


Dr. Louise Stanger LCSW, CDWF, CSAT-1, CIP is a preeminent interventionist and thought leader in the behavioral health and addiction treatments industry. She has performed thousands of family interventions in the US and abroad, gives presentations around the country on various topics related to mental health and addiction, process disorders and chronic pain, and has received prestigious awards from her fellow industry colleagues for her dedication to intervention and recovery. In addition to her work with clients and families, she is former University faculty at San Diego State University and University of San Diego, where she brought in over 5 million in grants for substance abuse and alcohol training and education.  

Dr. Stanger is lauded for developing the invitational intervention process, which uses CIS: Collective Intervention Strategies, a revolutionary way of working with professionals and support systems to invite change.  

Her work has been featured in, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post Recovery Campus, Journal of Alcohol Studies, Recovery View, Sober Way, Sober world and more. Her books Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal, in which Dr. Stanger recounts her travails growing up in a substance abuse family and forging her unique career path, is available on Amazon; and Learn to Thrive: An Intervention Guidebook is available on her website.  

 The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions: A Collective Strategy, (2018) Rutledge is the first academic book in the U.S. about the invitational intervention process. It has been  adopted at graduate schools across the country and is also available on Amazon, Her new book Addiction in The Family: Helping Families Navigate Challenges, Emotions and Recovery , Callisto Media will be availabe  Nov.2020 

Dr Louise has had the honor of receiving many awards for her clinician excellence. She was recently names by London’s DB Recovery Resources and Harvard’s McLean Hospital as the 2019 Interventionist of the year for her groundbreaking textbook. Dr. Louise is the 2018 of the Forgiveness for Living Plus Awards Los Angeles, Ca and the 2018 Peggy Albrecht Friendly House Service Award for Clinical excellence and the  

2016   Dr. Joseph L. Galletta Spirit of Recovery Award and the 2014 Foundations Recovery Fan Favorite Speaker  

Dr. Louise lives with her husband, John Wadas, and their two dogs Teddy and Coco in Indian Wells, Ca. She has three daughters - Sydney Holland, Felicia Alexander and Shelby Stanger - and four grandchildren ,step sons, Robert and John James Wadas and their families .When she’s not working, you can find Louise with her family or getting in a good hike or swimming.

2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT

Tuesday October 27th

Ethics in a Covid 19-Digital Age

1.5 CE Credit

Plato, perhaps the most famous of ancient philosophers, laid the groundwork for our modern social mores. He believed that ethics were the pillars of good human behavior. Emphasizing thoughtful consideration and wise deliberation in all matters, he wrote that “human well-being is the highest aim of ethical thought and action.” The world’s ancient philosophers posited that if life is a series of choices, ethics are the oil that greases our gears and keeps us moving forward with integrity, dignity, and concern. As such, ethical standards have made a home in our daily lives. This seminar will take a hard look at the Behavioral Health Care Field, top ethical concerns, the role of Digital Ethics and the impact the Pandemic has on service delivery. (Please note this seminar will meet requirements for Ethics as described mandated by behavioral health care boards).